In autumn 2003, our boss started to work in this business as a mere farmer. He worked and learned to develop coffee cultvating when he was very young and achieved some of proud achievement.


After 1 year, the consult from farming coffee was so good that he decided to invest all the money he had into a processing green coffee machine, and started to process coffee to supply domestic customers. At that time, that business got very good income because he was on of the pioneers processing coffee.


Thanks to good income from coffee business, we saved some money to expand the business. At that time, Vietnam was in the first steps of economy intergration. Agriculture was determined as one of the strength of Vietnam with products such as rice, coffee, pepper, cashew.. Therefore, we decided to invest to pepper and cashew


At the new stage of intergration, exporting cargo from Vietnam to the world ecountered a lot of setbacks. Our goods was new and not uniform about quality, additionally, harvesting in Vietnam had small scale, scattered, uneconomical and unequal. That was the difficult period what we had to fight and get over.


Because of that obstacles, we had to find the new way to operate our company. Our boss determined that we will devide into small companies, each company was in charge a factory for each item. We have 2 factories for coffee, 1 for pepper, 1 for desiccated coconut and 1 for cashew nuts.

2018 - now

After dominating the domestic market, we decided that we will directly export our cargo to the world, we believe in that way our customer will have better experiences and better price. We still support domestic market by cooperate with some reliable exporters in Vietnam, which help both of us to bring Vietnam foods to the world as our dream is. That was when NATYFOOD was born.