The cashews shall be packed in new, clean, dry, leak-proof, lead-free containers with an airtight (hermetic) seal and without internal paper liners. Packaging shall be of sufficient strength to assure the integrity of the product during normal shipment and storage.

The outer container shall be constructed of a new cardboard, free of infestation and visual mold and sealed without staples, unless otherwise specified by the end user. Cartons must be a minimum of 200-pound test, 32 ECT. Only food-grade CO2 is permitted.

All shipments shall be inspected prior to loading and shall be carried on conveyances suitable for transporting food products in good condition, i.e. free of odors, insect or mold damage, rodent activity, and all other foreign materials.The moisture level of the cashews shall be 3%-5%, as determined by the AOAC reference method.


Grade Designation Trade Name Colour/Characteristics Count/454 gms

size description






NLG max%

W-180 White Wholes White/pale ivory/light ash. Characteristic shape 170-180 5 5 5

(NLSG & SW together)

W-210 do do 200-210 5 5 do
W-240 do do 220-240 5 5 do
W-320 do do 300-320 5 5 do
W-450 do do 400-450 5 5 do
W-500 do do 450-500 5 5 5(SW)
Remarks: Kernels shall be completely free from infestation, insect damage, mould rancidity, adhering testa and objectionable extraneous matter. Scraped and partially shrivelled kernels also permitted provided such scraping/shrivelling does not affect the characteristic shape of the kernel.